Dissertation FAQs

Q: Do I need to submit a tentative approval page when my committee members are not available to sign?

Please note there has been a revision to this procedure. The form no longer requires your Advisory Committee members’ signatures of approval. The Tentative Approval Page requires you to consult with each committee member to obtain their tentative approval of your dissertation and to affirm that you have done so. Submit to the Office of the Registrar the Tentative Approval Page of your dissertation at least two weeks prior to the date of your oral defense on the same day you post your defense on the University Events calendar. The working copy of the dissertation must be emailed to the Office of the Registrar at degreeaudit@uconn.edu (along with cc to each Advisory Committee Member). Please do not submit a hard copy. A copy should be retained in your department for those requesting review.

Q: What forms do I have to complete?

Survey of Earned Doctorates: All research-based graduate students must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates online. The SED is an annual census of all research doctorate recipients in the United States and is the nation’s main source of information on the numbers, backgrounds, and specializations of the new doctorate workforce. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and five other Federal agencies. Although your response to most items is optional, doctoral degree recipients are encouraged to respond to as many items as possible. The aggregate data collected from the survey are very important to research on national trends and work force projections. Retain a copy of the confirmation of online submission to SED for submission with the Dissertation Submission Checklist.

Q: What fees am I required to pay?

There are no additional fees. It is an added benefit to submitting your dissertation electronically to Submittable.

Q: Why does my defense date not appear on my transcript?

Your defense date is significant but it does not indicate that you have completed all the requirements. You may still have revisions and final approvals to obtain. The date you submit the completed Dissertation Submission Checklist to the Office of the Registrar is your completion date. Refer to Academic Calendar for specific submission deadlines for each conferral period.

Q: Is there anything else I need to do?

Yes, please be certain to apply online through your Student Administration System account for graduation early in the semester or summer in which you expect to complete all degree requirements. Verify that all required documents including the dissertation proposal have been submitted and approved at least two months prior to your defense date. The courses and requirements listed on your plan of study should be accounted for in your transcript and all grades should be posted. Contact your major advisor or instructor regarding grade discrepancies, incomplete or missing grades including dissertation research credits. Other changes or adjustments to your plan of study should be submitted on a Request for Changes to Plan of Study form prior to submission of your dissertation.

Q: When will I see my degree posted to my transcript?

Once the dissertation is submitted, each student’s individual record must be audited for compliance to degree requirements and fulfillment. Errors or discrepancies not previously addressed must be resolved by the major advisor and student through documentation. It is a detailed process where errors delay completion. Once the audit is satisfactorily completed, your degree will be conferred and you will receive a degree completion letter from the Dean of the Office of the Registrar. At this point, conferral of your degree will appear on your official transcript.

Q: How can I have personal copies of my dissertation bound?

For personal copies of your dissertation, contact the following services:

  1. UConn Design and Document Production Center
  2. Acme Binding
  3. PHD BookBinding