Steps to a Successful Graduation

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Apply to graduate

Graduation is not automatic; students who are candidates for graduation must apply to graduate through the Student Administration System, after which the Degree Audit section of the Office of the Registrar will determine whether all degree requirements will have been satisfied by the end of the semester.

Apply to graduate by the fourth week of your final semester for each degree you are completing (or the spring semester for summer graduates). You are able to apply once registration for your last semester opens up. Applying by the fourth week ensures you will be included in Commencement communications. For more information about using the system to apply for graduation, see Apply for Graduation on the Student Administration System Help website.

What’s my graduation date?

The University of Connecticut confers degrees three times a year, based on the term during which students complete their graduation requirements:

Graduation Term Conferral
Spring semester May
Summer session (including May term) August
Fall semester December
Winter session May

Confirm your name and contact information


Please review the spelling, capitalization and punctuation of your name in the Student Administration System to ensure it appears correctly. The Primary Name is what prints on the diploma unless a Degree Name has been designated. Degree Name must share the same last name as the Primary. Changes to last name will require official documentation submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Diplomas reprinted due to incorrect name will incur a cost for replacement. For more information about changing your name in the system, see Modify Your Names on the Student Administration System Help website.


The mailing/billing address is where diplomas will be mailed unless a separate Diploma Address has been designated. Diplomas are mailed approximately two months after conferral, so the address should be appropriate for that timeframe. Diplomas reprinted due to improper address will incur a cost for replacement. For instructions on changing your address in the system, see Modify Your Addresses on the Student Administration System Help website.

Personal email

Your UConn email address will be inactivated following the semester after you graduate so future communications will be forwarded to the other email address on file. For more information, see Modify Your Email Addresses.

Run your Academic Requirements Report

The Academic Requirements Report outlines all the requirements necessary to earn your degree (i.e. general education, major, minor and concentration) and tracks your progress in fulfilling those requirements. Any areas unfulfilled will be listed as Not Satisfied. Unless noted on the report, areas that are not satisfied or missing will need to be addressed to clear you for graduation. Please see your advisor for assistance.

Plans of Study

Preliminary Plans of Study

While preliminary plans of study are required by some programs at the University of Connecticut, these do not need to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students should check with their individual advisor and program to see if a preliminary plan of study is required.


Major plans of study are submitted electronically through the Student Administration System. Comments should include anything that needs explanation or additional approval that does not show as satisfied on your Advisement Report. Progress can be tracked on the Plan of Study approval page in the Student Administration System and you will receive an email once the department has approved the plan and forwarded it to Degree Audit for final review. If you do not receive this email in your final semester, you should contact your advisor(s) for additional information. For more information, see Submit Your Final Plan of Study.


Minor plans of study may be electronic as above or can be a hard copy form located either at the department office or their website. They are approved by the designated minor advisor and submitted to the Degree Audit office. Minors need to be declared prior to submitting a final plan of study and if it is not being completed, it must be officially dropped by notifying the Office of the Registrar or graduation will be impacted. The process to submit a minor plan of study electronically is the same as for a major except that a student will be prompted with multiple comment boxes – one for each program they are completing. The title of the program is listed in the header of each comment box

Honors Scholars

In addition to the final plans of study for each program, Honors Scholar graduation candidates have additional requirements, paperwork, and deadlines that must be met. For more information, visit the Honors Program Website or call 860-486-4223.


Nursing and Pharmacy students are exempt from submitting a final plan of study for their major but are still required to submit plans of study for any minors.

Double Majors and Dual Degrees

Plans of study for students with dual degrees and double majors can be submitted electronically as well. Students will have one button to select but will then be prompted with multiple comment boxes for each corresponding program. The title of the program is listed in the header of the comment box.

Changing graduation term

Students who have applied for graduation who later determine that they will not complete their requirements by the above deadlines (for example, students who anticipate failing a required course) may change their graduation term by contacting the Degree Audit section of the Office of the Registrar. Once a graduation term has been changed, there is no need to re-apply for graduation. There is also no need to resubmit the final plan of study unless changes are made that require approval from the department. In these cases, Degree Audit recommends that students contact their advisors.


Major GPA

Major GPA is not a statistic maintained by the University of Connecticut but rather a requirement that needs to be met in order to earn a degree. Because Major GPA is defined by each program and institution differently, it is recommended to clarify with the institution asking for it and then manually calculate.

Incomplete Grades

The deadline for incomplete and missing grades such as I, N, X and blank grades to be posted is different for a graduating senior than the end of the fourth week of the following semester. Candidates for graduation have until the close-out date to have all grades input on their record to be considered for graduation. The close-out date is typically 3-4 weeks after the conferral date.

Transfer credits

Transfer credits must be posted on a student’s record and have the appropriate approvals by the close-out date (typically 3-4 weeks after conferral) to still qualify for graduation. Once the grades are finalized at the other institution, a student should request an official transcript be sent to the UConn Admissions Office. Questions on transferring in coursework can be referred to the UConn Admissions Office or to the student’s Advising Office.

Check your UConn email account

Once you have applied for graduation and submitted all your approved plans of study, you will receive an email during your final semester after an official audit has been completed. This is in addition to the email confirming that your plan(s) of study has/have been approved by the department. You will also receive an email indicating that your degree has been awarded within one month of the conferral date. In addition, emails are sent to notify you when diplomas are mailed out.


Commencement is a celebration of accomplishments and occurs once per year in May. In addition to May graduates, the prior year’s December graduates and the following semester’s August graduates may walk in the May Commencement. For additional information on student preparation for Commencement, see the official Commencement website. The Commencement Office can also be contacted at (860) 486-6800.

1. Apply to Graduate

To participate in the ceremony you must apply to graduate and submit your final plan(s) of study. For more information on how to apply to graduate, see the Graduation FAQ page on the UConn Senior website.

2. Buy your Regalia

Caps and gowns may be purchased at the UConn Bookstore after Spring Break. You are required to have a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony. Graduation announcements and invitations may be purchased from Balfour and are not distributed by the University.

3. Tickets

Tickets are available at the UConn Bookstore after you purchase your cap and gown. The number of tickets per graduate varies based on the ceremony. For additional information on tickets, see the Commencement FAQ.

Commencement Weekend

Schedule: The timing of each college’s ceremony can be found on the Commencement Website. For best seating, students should arrive at least one hour prior to the ceremony. Some colleges also have special events in addition to the Commencement ceremony.

Parking: Visitors will be directed to the campus parking garages during Commencement Weekend. Garage parking will be free of charge during the events.

Degree Processing and Diplomas

Degrees will be posted to your record and your transcript updated one to five weeks after conferral. Diplomas will be processed, printed, and mailed six to eight weeks after graduation.

Replacement Diplomas

To order a replacement diploma, please use the downloadable Diploma Form. Return the form with a check or money order for $25 per copy (made payable to the University of Connecticut). Payment must be drawn on a U.S. bank and be in U.S. dollars. All payments must be for the exact amount. From the time we receive your check, it will be about three weeks before you receive your diploma.

Your name on the replacement diploma should match that which currently appears on your official records. If you require the document in another name, we must receive written, legal documentation of the name change, along with your written request to change your name on all of your school records.

Your replacement diploma may be different from the original. We will indicate the actual degree conferral date on the diploma, but the University officials’ signatures may be those for the current year’s class.

If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please call 860-486-6214, or email Degree Audit.

Additional Information

More information about graduation is available through the Undergraduate Catalog. If you require assistance, contact your advisor or Undergraduate Advising office, or contact the Degree Audit office. They are located in the Office of the Registrar in the Wilbur Cross Building and are available in the office and by phone at 860-486-6214 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.