Faculty/Staff Services

Faculty/Staff Services


Descriptions of programs and courses, as well as requirements for the University and its schools and colleges can all be found at catalog.uconn.edu for undergraduate students and gradcatalog.uconn.edu for graduate students. The Catalog Changes website includes details of recent and upcoming changes to the catalog as well as procedures and resources for making revisions or additions.

Course Action Request workflow

It is recommended that faculty and staff use the Senate's Course Action Request Form to add, delete, or revise courses. The form ensures that course actions are routed efficiently to quickly secure all necessary approvals.

More Information

Regional Campus Registrar Staff

The Regional Campus Registrar Staff section includes information and resources for staff of the regional campus registrars' offices. Secure login is required; please contact Records and Enrollment Services to request access.

Registrar's Reports

See the Registrar Student Data website for Student Data Reports (secure access required) or to make a special data request. Information about the schedule of classes for current and previous terms is available without special access.