COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated July 29, 2020

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If you are a student at UConn Health or UConn School of Law, please visit those sites for guidance.If you are a graduate student, please visit the Graduate School FAQ for additional information.


How do I search for classes by a specific instructional mode?

Directions for performing a course search with additional criteria, including mode of instruction, can be found here:

How do I know if my Fall 2020 course is in-person or online?

The Instruction Mode for each of your classes can be found in StudentAdmin.

The modes of instruction are defined as:

  • Online (WW).  These classes never meet in person, nor are you expected to be available at any particular time for classroom instruction. Students will have access to class materials online using HuskyCT.
  • Distance Learning (DL). These classes never meet in person, but you are expected to be available at the times for which the class is scheduled. Students will participate online using WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, or Microsoft Teams.
  • Hybrid/Blended (HB).  These classes have both in-person and online components. Classes will not meet in-person for all scheduled meetings, but some in-person instruction will occur.
  • Split (SP).  These classes will meet in person during all scheduled class times. However, students will alternate in person attendance as designated by the instructor.
  • In-Person.  These classes will meet in person during all scheduled class times.

Is the Fall 2020 Course Schedule changing?

Yes. There will be changes made to most of the courses being offered for the Fall 2020 semester. The most common change will be the move to a different mode of instruction as many classes will now be offered online.

When will changes to the Fall schedule be finalized?

Changes will be made continuously in StudentAdmin throughout the week of June 29th. On July 6th, the initial changes to the class schedule will be completed and a communication will be sent to you directly detailing the changes to your registration. Please note, that like in any other semester, it is possible for there to be some additional changes to the schedule after this point. You will be notified by the department if any additional changes occur.

When can I make changes to my Fall schedule?

Registration will re-open as planned on July 27th at 9 am for Undergraduate and Ratcliffe Hicks students.  On that day, you will be able to add, drop, or swap classes as normal.  This will allow you some time to review your schedule and the available classes before making any changes.

Graduate students are able to make changes to their schedule throughout the summer.  We’d suggest waiting to make any changes to your schedule until July 6th when the changes to the class schedule have been completed.

Will I be removed from my courses and need to start the registration process over?

No. We are working collaboratively with departments to limit the need to cancel or change the time of as few classes as possible. You may notice that your section number may change as larger courses are split into smaller sections, but the university will not remove you from courses unless a course is cancelled.

Will holds prevent me from making changes to my Fall schedule?

Yes. Holds will be enforced as usual for Fall 2020 registration. Check the Holds section in your Student Center on StudentAdmin to verify if you have any holds to resolve before you will be able to update your schedule. Directions for doing so can be found here:

My schedule has changed and I am no longer interested in these courses. How do I determine which classes to take?

One of our favorite tools is the Academic Requirements Report in StudentAdmin. For help, visit: You can also reach out to your advisor or the Advising or Student Services Center for your school or campus.

I attend a regional campus, does this information apply?

Yes, the same approach is being taken by regional campuses as at Storrs.

How will online courses show on my transcript?

Mode of instruction will not be listed on your transcript. Your courses and grades will appear on your transcript in the same way as they do every semester.

I have only done registration during orientation and am not sure how to add/drop/swap. What do I do?

For registration help, visit:

I’m an international student and am unable to take online courses. What do I do?

You should reach out to your International Student Services Advisor and/or to for assistance as soon as possible.

I am an international student and am planning on studying in my home country. How do I know which classes to take?

International students should look for courses labeled WW-Online as they will offer the most flexibility. You may also look for courses labeled DL-Distance Learning, but we suggest you carefully review the times to ensure they will work for the time zone you are participating from.

Do the Pass/Fail rules for Spring 2020 apply to the Fall 2020 semester?

No. The Spring 2020 semester policy exceptions were made as a result of a midsemester change to instruction.

Undergraduate and PharmD students who have earned at least 24 credits and are not on scholastic probation may place three courses, for no more than 12 credits, on Pass/Fail. Students must place courses on Pass/Fail during the first two weeks of the semester.

Courses placed on Pass/Fail do not satisfy the General Education Requirement, the major or related requirements, the skill requirements, the minor requirement, or any school or college course requirement. Schools or Colleges may place additional restrictions. Pass/Fail credits may not be acceptable when a student changes majors or schools within the University. Pass/Fail credits may not be transferrable to another institution.

General Questions

How can I get enrollment verifications or transcripts?

Official transcripts can be requested through your Student Administration System account and will continue to be sent electronically or via mail within one business day. See Student Administration System Student Help for step-by-step instructions for requesting transcripts. See the Transcripts page for additional transcript information.

You may also request enrollment verifications through your Student Administration System account. If you attempt to request an enrollment verification via Student Admin and are unable to do so, please email a request to

How can I get paperwork submitted?

At this time we are accepting most registration requests via email instead of requiring our standard forms. This prevents you from having to obtain handwritten signatures.

Specific questions about Registrar forms should be directed to

How can I get my advising hold lifted?

Each school, college, and campus is handling this a little differently. We suggest reaching out to your advisor via email to start the conversation. If you are unsure who your advisor is, this information is available in your Student Center in the Student Administration System. If you are unable to reach your advisor or an advisor is not listed, you should reach out to your Advising and Student Support Center.


I want to change my graduation term so I can take Summer and/or Fall classes. How do I do this?

Email, providing your new anticipated graduation term. A degree auditor will change your anticipated graduation date and will activate you so that you can register for summer. Undergraduates who change their graduation semester DO NOT need to reapply for graduation and only need to resubmit your plan of study if additional approvals are required.

How and when do I submit my graduation paperwork?

The majority of paperwork can be emailed to, except final approval pages for dissertations and theses. Specific details, including information on signatures, are outlined below.

For Thesis or Dissertation Approval Pages

Graduate School rules require original signatures (“wet ink” signatures) on the thesis or dissertation approval page. Due to the current extraordinary circumstances, until further notice this requirement can be met by any one of the following means:

  1. Original wet ink signature on an approval page, mailed to the Registrar’s Office
  2. Scanned image of an original wet signature (but not insertion of an electronic signature or a computer font signature) on the approval page emailed directly from the faculty member’s UConn or UCHC email address to the student’s degree auditor*
  3. An email sent directly to the student’s degree auditor* from the faculty member’s UConn or UCHC email address indicating approval.

All members of a student’s advisory committee must provide an original signature in one of these ways; however, signatures may be on different pages (or come from multiple faculty emails).

For All Other Forms

For all other forms (such as Plans of Study, General Exam reports, etc.) signatures can be submitted in any one of the following formats:

  1. Original wet ink signature on the form, mailed to the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Scanned image of an original wet signature or an electronic signature (not a computer font of the advisor’s name) on a copy of the appropriate form emailed to the student’s degree auditor.*
  3. An email sent directly to the student’s degree auditor* from the faculty member’s UConn or UCHC email address indicating approval.

* All forms related to master’s and certificate programs should be sent to Sandra Cyr and all forms for doctoral students should be sent to Jenn Horan. All forms related to Undergraduate or Ratcliffe Hicks students graduating should be sent to Graduate students are encouraged to include the appropriate Degree Auditor when emailing the forms to their advisors for approval.

How will I get my diploma?

Diplomas will be sent standard USPS mail to the mailing/billing address in the Student Administration System unless a separate diploma address is provided there. Diplomas typically get mailed two months after the end of the term.

Office Operations

Will there be staff available to help me?

Staff will be available to assist you remotely during standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We suggest you contact us by submitting a request using our Contact Us page, or by emailing us directly at


Are there extensions to deadlines?

No. At this time the University is abiding by all standard deadlines.

Can I give everyone incompletes?

As of this time, the guidelines for incompletes have not changed. You should only award incompletes to students who have not completed all assignments, but whose completed work is of passing quality and for whom there is a plan for the completion of the work.

Will there be staff available to help me?

Registrar’s office staff will continue to be available via email during all normal University hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I am giving my midterm exams. Do I need to have it during classroom time?

We encourage faculty to provide a time frame and window during which students can take this exam as students may be taking the exam in different time zones. This is possible via HuskyCT. For more information, see HuskyCT Instructor Support.