Midterm Grading

University Senate By-Laws state that by the end of the sixth week of the semester, instructors shall submit midterm grades for students in 1000 and 2000-level courses who have earned less than a C, or U, or N grade up to that point. (At the request of several departments, rosters will be available for all undergraduate and graduate level courses.)

Spring 2020 mid-semester grade rosters will be available from Monday, February 24, 2020, through Thursday, March 12, 2020.

We appreciate your taking the time to identify students experiencing difficulties early in the semester. Please consider using this process as an opportunity to inform struggling students of the many support services available. We do believe that the warnings and the subsequent interventions by instructors, advisors, First Year Experience instructors, and others makes a positive difference.

The midterm grades will NOT appear on any of the varieties of the transcript or advising report as they are not official grades. Students and advisors are able to view the mid-term grades PeopleSoft. (There is a tab for Midterm Grades on the View My Grades page.) Notification of mid-term grade warnings will be provided to the students, their advisors, and others as appropriate via email.

Complete directions for entering the grades can be found at the Student Administration System Midterm Grades Help Site.

Note: The Notify Selected Students or Notify All Students buttons DO NOT send students a midterm grade notification. You can optionally elect to send students an email using these buttons, if desired.

If you need assistance please contact the Office of the Registrar at (860) 486-3331 or registrar@uconn.edu.

Gregory Bouquot
University Registrar