Diploma Services

Duplicate Diplomas

To order a replacement diploma, please use the downloadable Diploma Form. Return the form with a check or money order for $25.00 per copy (made payable to the University of Connecticut). Payment must be drawn on a U.S. bank and be in U.S. dollars. All payments must be for the exact amount. From the time we receive your check, it will be about three weeks before you receive your diploma.

Your name on the replacement diploma should match that which currently appears on your official records. If you require the document in another name, we must receive written, legal documentation of the name change, along with your written request to change your name on all of your school records.

Your replacement diploma may be different from the original. We will indicate the actual degree conferral date on the diploma, but the University officials’ signatures may be those for the current year’s class.

If you have any questions regarding your diploma, please call (860) 486-6214, or email degree.audit@uconn.edu.