Temporary Grades

An instructor may assign a temporary grade for a course when student work is not completed within the semester.

Temporary Grade Conditions for Assigning a Temporary Grade
N (No basis for grade) A student has completed few or no assessments and no make-up schedule has been agreed upon with the instructor; the instructor has no basis for a grade.
I (Incomplete grade) A student has not completed all of the assessments but work completed is of passing quality and a make-up schedule has been agreed upon with the instructor.
X (Final assessment absence) A student did not submit a final assessment and might by means of a satisfactory performance on the assessment complete the course with a passing grade. If in the opinion of the instructor such a student would fail the course regardless of the result of the assessment, the student shall be given a grade of “F.”

The faculty’s regulations provide that the mark of incomplete (I) shall be reported only when a portion of the work assigned during the semester has not been completed either because of the necessary absence of the student or some other reason equally satisfactory to the instructor, and when, in the instructor’s judgment, the work already done by the student must be of passing quality. A grade of incomplete implies that faculty and student will work together towards completion

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students must complete all outstanding work on a schedule determined by the instructor and by the end of the third week of the following semester. Exceptions to this deadline are made by the Dean of Students or designee with the consent of the instructor. Once the student submits the outstanding work or completes the final assessment, the instructor must submit a change of grade within 10 working days. If the student does not submit outstanding work by the agreed upon deadline and has not been granted an exception, the instructor will calculate the student’s grade based on work completed for the course. Passing grades will replace temporary grades on the transcript. For undergraduate students who do not complete the missing work and therefore fail the course, the temporary grade will be retained on the transcript and followed by “F.”

Graduate students

If all work required to change a mark of “I” or “X” is not submitted to the University Registrar within 12 months following the end of the semester or session for which the mark was recorded, or within a shorter period of time specifically designated by the instructor, no credit is allowed for the course. For grades of “I,” it is the graduate student’s responsibility to reach and to maintain an understanding with the instructor concerning the timely completion of the work. For grades of “X,” it is the graduate student’s responsibility to seek the required permission to take the final examination from the Graduate School as soon as possible after it has been missed.

Upon the recommendation of the instructor to the Graduate School, a limited extension of an incomplete may be granted. The Graduate School is not obligated to approve an extension if the instructor of the course no longer is a faculty member at the University of Connecticut. If more than three courses have been left Incomplete, the student may be required to complete those still viable before being allowed to register for additional coursework. Too many permanent incompletes on the record may be grounds for the student’s termination or dismissal. Employment authorization for graduate assistantship appointment may not be approved for students with four or more viable incomplete courses on their academic record.