Mission and Philosophy Statement

Office of the Registrar – Mission and Philosophy Statement

Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar supports the instructional and student progress endeavors of the University by providing quality services to students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, and the public.

This service to the entire University community gives the Office of the Registrar a special vantage point to help address issues affecting both students and faculty. Staff of the office must work to understand their customers’ requirements and current and anticipated administrative needs. Preparations must be made to meet future needs as well. Staff must demonstrate professionalism and integrity and strive for continuous improvement.

Services include course record management, classroom assignment, final exam scheduling, publication of the Undergraduate Catalog and the Final Exam Schedule, academic record creation and maintenance, student registration, and grade processing, transcript issuance. student certification, creation and maintenance of the Academic Advisement system, degree audit, monitoring of academic and administrative policies, NCAA continuing student athlete academic progress monitoring, student and course information system operation, retention and graduation outreach, the dissemination of accurate, timely, and complete information, and service on University committees.

Statement of Department Philosophy

Quality is the first priority for the Office of the Registrar. Quality means showing a helpful, friendly attitude, getting our work done in a timely way, and doing it correctly. Efficiency is integral to quality.

The Office of the Registrar puts a premium on service and we will continually strive to improve our services. Our staff will be pleasant to our student, faculty, staff, and alumni customers in person, on the telephone, and in correspondence. Every effort will be made to include cordiality with efficient, quality service. We wish to be known as an office that can get things done, as an office with a positive attitude. When we must say “no”, we will do so politely and pleasantly. We will make quality referrals; when we can’t help, we will find out who can and direct the customer accordingly. We believe timeliness is important and customer time is valuable. We will work toward having short turnaround times and short lines.

Office of the Registrar staff will always be willing to help our customers and each other. When time is short, we must be willing to discuss priorities. We will be flexible and open to change and new ideas. We will be creative in finding ways to provide better service. We will make communication, consultation, and cooperation the norm for the office.

For the Office of the Registrar, accuracy is at all times critical. We must insure that the data we enter and the information we provide is correct. Staff will have the training and support they need to do their work.