Class Schedule

All students can view their own schedules online through the Student Administration System. Using your NetID and password, you will have access to your up-to-the-moment class schedule printed out on a grid.

Class Search

From the initial log-in page without logging on to the Student Administration System, you can find all of these options if you enter Self Service as a Guest:

  • Choose Search for a Class to find open courses by semester offered and campus. The new search feature allows users to search by any word in the course description or by General Education Content Area.
  • Choose Dynamic Class Search to search for and view real-time class information, availability and enrollment totals.
  • Choose Browse Course Catalog and find a display of all active courses and when they are typically offered. Link there to find more details and view all class sections offered by semester and campus.

Log on to the Student Administration System using your NetID and password, and follow these steps to perform a class search from your own account. By performing a Class Search in your own account, you will be able to add courses to your enrollment shopping cart.

Course Information

The Undergraduate Catalog is available on line. The PDF version of the document is available to read, download, and print. One may use it in its entirety or select only the sections needed. Complete descriptions of all undergraduate courses are included in both versions.

Excess Credits

To register for more than the maximum credits listed below, the student must obtain permission from the student’s advisor and academic dean. Excess credit authorization forms are available at the departments or they may be downloaded from the Forms page.

  • Engineering, Fine Arts, Pharmacy: 19 (21
    If 5th semester or above and earned 2.6 SGPA or above the previous semester)
  • All other schools and colleges: 17 (18 if earned 2.6 SGPA or above the previous semester)

For five or six-week Summer Session, the maximum is 8 credits. For three -week terms, the maximum is 4 credits.

Filled Classes

Check to see if there is a Wait List associated with the class. Try to find another course that you could take during semester.

However, if it seems very important to take a class that is full, you may try to contact the instructor or department that offers the class and ask for permission to over enroll. If you are successful, that department will issue a permission number to use to override the system and enroll in the course.

Independent Study

Students wishing to study a topic independently, for credit, must find an instructor to supervise the project. The instructor and the student then agree on the number of credits the student may earn. The student must complete an Independent Study Authorization Form, have it signed, and deliver it to the Registrar. The form is available online on the forms page.

Without special permission, students may not register for or earn toward the degree more than six credits each semester in any one or combination of independent study, special topics, and variable topics courses. To increase this limit, students must consult with their advisor and get the permission of their academic dean.


The Non-Degree Study Program at the University of Connecticut enables students to register in regular credit courses for academic credit without being admitted to an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Day, evening and weekend courses are offered at our six campuses and online. In addition to fall and spring classes, non-degree students may enroll in May Term, Summer Sessions and Winter Intersession classes. Please note that non-degree status does not constitute, guarantee, or imply admission into any program at UConn.

See Non-degree registration information.

Permission Numbers

Permission numbers, which may be offered to students at the discretion of course instructors, allow students to override certain enrollment restrictions on some courses. For example, a valid permission number could allow a student to enroll in a class that is at or above maximum enrollment capacity, or to enroll in a class for which the student does not meet the enrollment requirements as defined by the course catalog. Permission numbers can only be obtained by contacting the instructor.


Information about textbooks used for each course is found at the UConn Bookstore website.

Time Between Classes

There is a 15 minute passing time built into the class schedule. The typical Monday, Wednesday, Friday class lasts 50 minutes. The typical Tuesday, Thursday class lasts 75 minutes.

To check the distance between class locations, consult the map here: Campus Map.

Use the zoom feature to find the classroom buildings.

Time Conflicts

In order to register for a class whose time overlaps with another class for which you have already registered, you must obtain a note from the instructor of the second class indicating allowances for the conflict to be arranged. It is then brought to the Registrar’s office so class can be added. Permission numbers will not allow you to register for a time conflict.

Wait Lists

Many courses have wait lists associated with them. For information about how they work, please refer to Wait List – Questions and Answers.