Registration Tools

Between tracking your program’s academic requirements, making sure you satisfy course prerequisites, and fitting all the courses you need into your schedule, planning for the semester can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Student Administration System provides some useful tools in navigating this process. Here’s a brief overview of these registration tools.

schedule builder

Schedule Builder

Create and revise your ideal class schedule

Schedule Builder allows you to input your desired classes, and it will show you every possible schedule available to you now, using real-time data for the semester you’re planning. You can configure and reconfigure schedules around work or personal breaks, classes in which you’ve already, club meetings, athletic breaks, practices, and more. Schedule Builder also enables you to efficiently identify additional classes that fit into your schedule once you have already enrolled into courses from your shopping cart.

For more information, see Use the Schedule Builder


Advisement Requirements Report

Find out where you stand for graduation

The Advisement Requirements Report tracks your progress as you work to complete your current declared program(s). It combines your coursework history and graduation requirements into one comprehensive report that allows you to easily view what has been satisfied and what is still outstanding to earn your degree. You can utilize the report to target courses to fulfill remaining requirements as well as save or print a PDF snapshot of your progress toward your degree

For more information, see View your Academic Requirements Report


What-if Report

Ready to declare or change your major? Try the What-if Report

The What-if Report enables you to choose a potential major and then outlines how the courses you’ve already completed will be applied to those requirements. It will also provide insight into what remaining courses and requirements you would need to fulfill to successfully complete that program.

For more information, see View Quick What-if Advisement Reports


Academic Planner

Create a road map for completing your degree

The Academic Planner is a feature that enables you to plan out your future semesters. In the Planner, select the courses you intend to register for and assign them to future semesters to create a plan for graduation. You can plan by your graduation requirements to ensure your planned classes are working to complete your degree.

For more information, see Use the Academic Planner

For general information about registration, see the Registration page on this website or contact the Office of the Registrar.